About me


I'm a game designer that has worked in the industry for over a decade. It is fun but not as much fun as you imagine. Sadly we don't just sit there and play games all day. Projects I have worked on include such prestigious titles as House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut and Silent Hill Origins as well as some not so prestigious titles *cough* Malice.

I also write, having scripted the House of the Dead PS3 exclusive cutscenes and adapted Pride & Prejudice for a point and click adventure. I'm hoping to build on the writing side although for the time being, game design is where my career lies.

This blog started out as just somewhere to vent and rant. Then I stopped. Now I'm starting again but I'm not sure where it will go. Bear with me. Some form of service will be resumed.

In the meantime you can always follow me on Twtter and poke me with sticks until I write something.

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